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Patient Testimonials

Hope you're well. I thought I'd update you on Rowan sleep. Well it's improved massively! He now self settles really well and doesn't wake up half as much. He generally seems more settled at night. He still doesn't nap very well but I just think he's not much of a napper. Haha! He used to wake up between 3 and 7 times a night. Now it's between 1 and 2 even if he's teething or got a cold he'll be settled a lot more quickly than before. So it's been a massive improvement and I definitely think that osteopathy helped

Nicola and Rowan - February 2019

Hi Michelle, It's Emma with an appointment for Wednesday morning. I'm texting to cancel as I will be a total fraud if I come! Ice and heat worked well then I have spent the last few days camping which I thought might challenge the injury but I am still fine and the residual stiffness has diminished. As you said I can cancel up to 24hrs ahead I will do so and allow someone with great need to take the slot. Thanks again for your magic advice. July 2018

Thanks so much for what you have done to help me. Almost excellent and enlightening.

Steve - February 2019

Upon my second visit to you I realized that there was far more going on than massaging painful back muscles. Gentle questions and genuine interest concerning my daily life led to an understanding of my well-being and the massage, albeit important was an accompaniment to the bigger picture of a more spiritual healing.

Thank you Steve

"As a new osteopathy patient I wasn't sure what to expect from my first visit. Michelle explained how she was going to explore my neck and shoulder problem. Within no time of feeling around my neck I was identified as having whiplash. A further period of gentle head and neck movement and I was treated. To my amazement my pain and restricted movement was gone! I don't understand how it works, its crazy but it has worked. I would certainly recommend Michelle. Her many years of Osteopathy experience have made her a real expert."

Lesley - January 2019

I approached Michelle because being a professional footballer I need to ensure my body is in the best possible shape. Over the years I have had many injuries and in my first session with Michelle she was able to pinpoint all of them – old and new.

My neck was not in a good way, from heading the ball – Michelle described it as severe whiplash, I had restricted movement to the one way and constant aching. It wasn't until after a few sessions I realised just how bad it was because the aching disappeared and my movement improved significantly.

She also worked on my ankles, they were swollen and stiff with lack of movement. And after a few sessions with Michelle and her magic hands I could see and feel a big difference.

Michelle was always very professional in a friendly manor, I always felt comfortable and relaxed around her. I have faith in knowing she will always be able to assist my body to heal and highly recommend her.

Nathan Baker - January 2019

After enduring a ongoing back problem for 18 months to 2 years I eventually decided to do something about it, this decision was also cemented after experiencing falling quite heavily on my bottom! I was recommended to book an appointment with Michelle (osteopath) I went along for an initial assessment on wed 15th August to The Bromyard clinic. Michelle spent less than an hour manipulating my back,the results were amazing! I left the practice and walked the short distance back to where I'd parked, the transformation bordering on miraculous! I've since visited Michelle at the Worcester clinic as a follow up, my back and pelvis alignment appear to be fixed!

I could not recommend Michelle highly enough to anyone enduring back problems that like me were putting it down to increasing years!

Kindest Regards Colin - August 2018

'Michelle was recommended to us by a colleague at my wife's work as our 4 month old son was experiencing digestive issues. Having explored many other options (GPs, medication etc.) we visited Michelle not really knowing what to expect.

Michelle was professional, friendly and informative and was able to identify some potential issues in the alignment of both his neck and pelvis. Michelle took the time to explain how and why these issues were present and was patient when answering our many questions around the treatment our son was receiving.

Our son undertook 3 sessions with Michelle and improvements were seen after each session. On discharge, our son was like a completely different baby - He was more settled, more comfortable when lay down and less windy! The difference was so evident that friends and family also commented on how "chilled" he was.

Since our initial visit we have returned once as our son was exhibiting symptoms again. The improvement after just one session was evident.

Having such a successful experience with our son, I visited Michelle for my own back pain issues. Having previously been told by other professionals the problem will never be fully rectified and that long term back support and changes to my lifestyle would be required I am delighted to say that after only one visit to Michelle I felt an immediate improvement and was no longer experiencing the ongoing pain. I am still undergoing treatment with Michelle but feel confident that this will offer me the long term solution I have been looking for.

With the fantastic results that both my son and I have experienced we have already recommended her to several people and will continue to sing her praises!'

Kind regards

Paul May - 2018

You may remember I came to see you in the spring & had 3 sessions over a 6 week period for a painful lower back which was preventing me from doing any sporting activity at all.

I'm glad to say that having stuck to the exercise regime you set I'm up and running, triathlon training & managed to complete a 31 mile ultra marathon over the black mountains last weekend with out too much pain or stiffness the day after . So a big thank you for your treatment & advice, I'm delighted.

This email is just to keep in touch, say thank you.
Kind regards
Paul - May 2018

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