I have been to see Michelle several times over the past few years, with different problems and have always come away smiling and vastly relieved that she has truly put right the problem and enabled me to  walk or move so much better than when I went to her. She is a lovely person and I thank her for all she has done for me. Sincerely Rosemary Age 81 

We came to see Michelle during the Coronavirus pandemic as we were desperate to find someone to help our 5 week old baby. We felt totally at ease and safe throughout the whole treatment process, Michelle was wearing PPE and made sure everything was cleaned thoroughly before we even came into the room. We were personally very grateful she carried on treating patients throughout the pandemic else our little boy would still be struggling to this day.

We took our 5 week old son to see Michelle for her to examine him as he seemed to be in constant pain and not sleeping, seemingly due to a traumatic birth, she very quickly found a problem with his neck and pelvis, which she then treated, after the first session he was instantly better, he continued to improve as the days went on. After a second session with her he was a completely different baby, happy, relaxed and most importantly had started to sleep better.
I can’t recommend Michelle enough and thank her for working through a scary time for us all, to put the needs of others before herself.
I will definitely stay in touch and may even be back to see her one day if we ever have a problem with our son again,
Brilliant thank you. Becky May 2020 Solihull


'Michelle was recommended to us by a colleague at my wife's work as our 4 month old son was experiencing digestive issues. Having explored many other options (GPs, medication etc.) we visited Michelle not really knowing what to expect. Michelle was professional, friendly and informative and was able to identify some potential issues in the alignment of both his neck and pelvis. Michelle took the time to explain how and why these issues were present and was patient when answering our many questions around the treatment our son was receiving.

Our son undertook 3 sessions with Michelle and improvements were seen after each session. On discharge, our son was like a completely different baby - He was more settled, more comfortable when lay down and less windy! The difference was so evident that friends and family also commented on how "chilled" he was. Since our initial visit we have returned once as our son was exhibiting symptoms again. The improvement after just one session was evident.

Having such a successful experience with our son, I visited Michelle for my own back pain issues. Having previously been told by other professionals the problem will never be fully rectified and that long term back support and changes to my lifestyle would be required I am delighted to say that after only one visit to Michelle I felt an immediate improvement and was no longer experiencing the ongoing pain. I am still undergoing treatment with Michelle but feel confident that this will offer me the long term solution I have been looking for.

With the fantastic results that both my son and I have experienced we have already recommended her to several people and will continue to sing her praises!' Kind regards Paul May - 2018




I have been seeing Michelle for over 6 years now, visiting her initially for a bad back and pelvis, after seeing several different people I had reached the point of giving up hope. Within a few sessions with Michelle I was pain free. After moving up to Scotland I still made the journey to see Michelle and even now as I live in Switzerland I make my appointments with Michelle when I am back in the UK, and she is always as accommodating as possible even fitting me in on her days off. Her work is second to non and being a very active person with cycling and having a physical job she never fails to heal me both physically and mentally when needed. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Thank you Michelle for your continued support and treatment. Kate Holzer


I contacted Michelle about pain in my lower back. This has been on and off for several years. How I wish we had been to see Michelle right in the beginning as I walked out pain free after the first session! I have found Michelle to be very kind and friendly, she dealt with me in a very calming and professional way. Not only did he get me pain free straight away, but also educated me about what had caused the pain and ways to look after my back and body. I highly recommend Michelle and would urge anyone in pain to make an appointment now! Parking is great and its easy to find and the clinic is a very welcoming place.
Rob Sinfield, Leicester January 2020

I have really benefited from Michelle's treatment of my back over the years. She is skilled at identifying what the problem is, spot on with her treatment and has worked wonders in getting me standing straight again and reducing my pain. All this with a calm and friendly manner. I can heartily recommend Michelle.
Sarah M September 2019

Upon my second visit to you I realized that there was far more going on than massaging painful back muscles. Gentle questions and genuine interest concerning my daily life led to an understanding of my well-being and the massage, albeit important was an accompaniment to the bigger picture of a more spiritual healing. Thank you Steve


After enduring a ongoing back problem for 18 months to 2 years I eventually decided to do something about it, this decision was also cemented after experiencing falling quite heavily on my bottom! I was recommended to book an appointment with Michelle (osteopath) I went along for an initial assessment on wed 15th August to The Bromyard clinic. Michelle spent less than an hour manipulating my back,the results were amazing! I left the practice and walked the short distance back to where I'd parked, the transformation bordering on miraculous! I've since visited Michelle at the Worcester clinic as a follow up, my back and pelvis alignment appear to be fixed! I could not recommend Michelle highly enough to anyone enduring back problems that like me were putting it down to increasing years!Kindest Regards Colin - August 2018




I have received treatment from Michelle on two seperate occasions.
On the first I had suffered with migraine and neck pain for some time, had
been putting off going anywhere but it had started to get worse so I booked in
with Michelle. She is very knowledgable and a true professional. She explained
to me what she was finding as she was treating me and after one session the
improvements were amazing. My headaches eased and neck pain was gone.

During COVID19, headaches and pain returned, due to working from home on a laptop.
I had again let it go thinking if I rested it would go away, it didnt. I visited Michelle
and again after one treatment the improvements are amazing. Headache has gone and
the pressure in my neck, back and head has improved 90%.

The improvements after just one session on both occasions have been incredible.
Amazing lady! Carla 2020


Michelle’s work is absolutely amazing. I had taken some heavy knocks to the head playing rugby and getting very strong headaches as a result. I wasn’t sure what to do and decided to go to Michelle. Her impressive skills had everything fixed after two appointments. I highly recommend using Michelle for relief from any discomforts in your body as her training and capabilities are outstanding and it’s a simple, quick process. Thanks Michelle 😊 Myron January 2020


I have suffered with severe migraines for 10+ years and I have tried so many therapies/medications to try and relieve them. I was recommended to Michelle for my neck/back pain so when I arrived to be told she might be able to help with my migraines too I was very happy! Michelle found an injury in my neck that she thought may be causing them, so she unblocked the left side of my neck in our first session. This was over 8 weeks ago now and 3 treatments later I have not suffered with a migraine since my first treatment. I was suffering with migraines around once a week, I would have to be in bed with no light for 24hrs each attack with and incredibly bad headache and sickness. I have missed so many days and occasions from migraines, I only wish I found her years ago! Definitely visit if your a migraine sufferer, as I though no one could cure me! Amie J. April 2019


Happy New Year Michelle , sorry this has taken me so long to write but it's been so busy over the Xmas period in my frantic world of retail, but thanks to you only one migraine and that was when I had the flu 😀
It's been amazing as I was so sceptical when I first came to see you in September. I remember thinking how can a neck treatment and positive thinking cure my migraines, but it definitely has , since September I've only had 2 really bad ones whereas I was having them weekly. Who would of thought smiling and a few moments of feeling thankful and of course your 3 treatments would make such a difference, but it really has and I'm so grateful. Have a great 2017 Regards Helen S. January 2017.




My son is 4, autistic and has a global development delay. Since my son has been attending appointments with Michelle he has changed dramatically. Michelle told me the treatment could improve his tension and inability to relax. She even said he could have a leap in his development with feeling more relaxed. I was amazed and only hoped it would work. So far my son has had 3 sessions each one improving dramatically, its truly amazing.

I can’t even begin to tell you the difference in my son today, his speech has come on so much that he can now tell us everything he wants by talking not just by gestures, he now uses speech the correct way. Its only something i’d dreamed of. 6 months ago i was asking his paediatrician if he was going to be non-verbal because for 3 and a half years he had only ever said “da”.

We are now potty training without accidents, again something I thought we wouldn’t be able to tackle for a long time. Haircuts are easier now as theres less meltdowns. He’s even learnt how to ride a bike. His sleep and behaviour have completely changed, I now have people comment to me saying how much he is like a different child. I cannot thank Michelle enough i would recommend her to everyone! Gemma L March 2020


Walter has been markedly improved since his initial 15 minute appointment on Saturday, he is an extremely cheerful baby, yet Sunday he was happier than I think I have ever seen him in himself. He has had Improved sleep, only two/three wake ups which is so much improvement from waking half hourly to hourly (now getting 3-4 hour sleep stints) His cold seems to be coming out, the lump on his head seem to be reduced, bowel seems to be more lose and more regular, he seems apart from today happier in him self and sleeping more contently in the day for naps also. Look forward to seeing you for the follow up 15 minute appointment tomorrow Gemma January 2020


Hi Michelle, just to report that Stanley fell asleep in the car after his appt this morning and stayed asleep for an hour and a half! He has been singing and chatting to himself happily over lunch and is just being generally delightful. Thank you for transforming his behaviour once again. Megan


Dear Michele, you are a miracle worker. David has returned home with a totally different mindset. Early days, I know, but huge thanks already. I will try to encourage the exercises.
Jennifer B September 2019

When our daughter was eighteen months old she was suffering, and was being prescribed oral antibiotics at least once a month, which were ineffective and having a negative impact on her tummy. A friend suggested cranial osteopathy as a solution, recommending Michelle as someone who could help us. After the first treatment our daughter was a calmer and happier little girl and in the two years since has suffered no further infections.

More recently our daughter was struggling with sleep ; waking regularly each night and seeming uncomfortable. We again went to visit Michelle and after one visit our daughter was sleeping well and is a lot more refreshed and happy.

Michelle is friendly and professional, always ready to explain her work and how it is helping our daughter. We are very grateful that our friend recommended cranial osteopathy to us, as we were previously unaware of the benefits it has. We have suggested osteopathy as an alternative treatment to several other people. S and D May 2019


Hope you're well. I thought I'd update you on Rowan sleep. Well it's improved massively! He now self settles really well and doesn't wake up half as much. He generally seems more settled at night. He still doesn't nap very well but I just think he's not much of a napper. Haha! He used to wake up between 3 and 7 times a night. Now it's between 1 and 2 even if he's teething or got a cold he'll be settled a lot more quickly than before. So it's been a massive improvement and I definitely think that osteopathy helped Nicola and Rowan - February 2019




In encouraging staff to look after themselves, not only for their well-being but to try and avoid illness and stress a number have found their way to see Michelle. Michelle’s gentle energy in fixing problems and encouragement to look at yourself holistically as well as make small but incremental changes to the way you work has been so well received by those treated. This has benefitted most of my staff and means she comes highly recommended by us all. She has fixed bits of us, realigned most of us, sorted long term issues and injuries and provided encouragement to do things right with our own bodies and practice self-care for our wellbeing! Laura Brown, Headmistress, RGS Springfield


I was referred to Michelle in 2009 whilst working at Worcestershire County Council. I was experiencing a significant amount of pain in my right neck/shoulder/arm and this was impacting on my ability to work - I couldn’t drive, or use a mouse or keyboard effectively. Michelle quickly diagnosed and treated the issue and I was able to resume normal activities within a number of weeks. It was therefore Michelle to whom I immediately turned when a similar issue occurred this year. Michelle has again diagnosed the issue and provided both hands-on treatment and advice on adapting my workstation to give me the best chance of making another full recovery. I highly recommend her advice and treatment. Helen November 2019


I started a new job as a solicitor where the floor in my first floor office is uneven. My lower back pain gradually increased over the first 6 weeks and then I experienced periods of dizziness and nausea - particularly when lying down. The doctor diagnosed BPPV and ETD which he said was caused by fluid trapped behind my left ear drum probably from an ear infection (although apart from a sore ear for one day I wasn't aware I'd had an ear infection).
I had already made an appointment with Michelle for treatment for my lower back so I was very fortunate that she very quickly identified issues with my back and neck and she concluded that the fluid was not draining from my ear because of the issues with my neck which were almost certainly caused by the lower back problems from the uneven floor.  I had one treatment and felt significantly better and the improvement continued. I had a second treatment 10 days later. The vertigo problem as completely gone away. This is not the first time that Michelle's treatments have helped me and my children recover from illnesses and pain. Lisa November 2019


I would thoroughly recommend Michelle Davies, in the treatment of muscular or body mechanics issues, including the tracing and healing of historic injuries. Also, the ongoing care given is exceptional, which includes dealing and coping with stress problems. Michelle would be an ideal person to consult, if any organisation needed a fitness for work report, for new and current staff.  In a previous job role, I have referred staff to Michelle, and she has made a significant difference in the reduction of employee sick leave, and contributed to staff retention. Paul 2019


Hi Michelle, It's Emma with an appointment for Wednesday morning. I'm texting to cancel as I will be a total fraud if I come! Ice and heat worked well then I have spent the last few days camping which I thought might challenge the injury but I am still fine and the residual stiffness has diminished. As you said I can cancel up to 24hrs ahead I will do so and allow someone with great need to take the slot. Thanks again for your magic advice. July 2018


Thanks so much for what you have done to help me. Almost excellent and enlightening. Steve - February 2019


As a new osteopathy patient I wasn't sure what to expect from my first visit. Michelle explained how she was going to explore my neck and shoulder problem. Within no time of feeling around my neck I was identified as having whiplash. A further period of gentle head and neck movement and I was treated. To my amazement my pain and restricted movement was gone! I don't understand how it works, its crazy but it has worked. I would certainly recommend Michelle. Her many years of Osteopathy experience have made her a real expert.  Lesley - January 2019




I approached Michelle because being a professional footballer I need to ensure my body is in the best possible shape. Over the years I have had many injuries and in my first session with Michelle she was able to pinpoint all of them – old and new.

My neck was not in a good way, from heading the ball – Michelle described it as severe whiplash, I had restricted movement to the one way and constant aching. It wasn't until after a few sessions I realised just how bad it was because the aching disappeared and my movement improved significantly.

She also worked on my ankles, they were swollen and stiff with lack of movement. And after a few sessions with Michelle and her magic hands I could see and feel a big difference.

Michelle was always very professional in a friendly manor, I always felt comfortable and relaxed around her. I have faith in knowing she will always be able to assist my body to heal and highly recommend her.

Nathan Baker - January 2019


You may remember I came to see you in the spring & had 3 sessions over a 6 week period for a painful lower back which was preventing me from doing any sporting activity at all.

I'm glad to say that having stuck to the exercise regime you set I'm up and running, triathlon training & managed to complete a 31 mile ultra marathon over the black mountains last weekend with out too much pain or stiffness the day after . So a big thank you for your treatment & advice, I'm delighted.

This email is just to keep in touch, say thank you.
Kind regards Paul - May 2018




There certainly has been improvement, she’s been able to look around and is holding her head in a much more neutral position. We haven’t had to keep repositioning her so much as she’s doing it of her own accord some of the time. She also seems to have a lot more movement in her hips and has come close to rolling the last couple of days not sure if that’s a coincidence. We have only attended your clinic once and are so happy with the results. Laura, July 2020



I have a four month old baby girl. She was born with the assistance of forceps. From birth she has favoured one side while sleeping and playing on her back. At around 2 1/2 months I noticed flattening on the left side of her head. This is known as Plagiocephaly.
I sought the advice from a doctor. I was told to ‘wait and see what happens, this is nothing to worry about, it will sort itself out’. Initially this put my mind at rest, but after a few days of relaxing about it, I began to worry again, spending hours on the internet and speaking to head alignment specialists online.
It was a week later when I spoke to a health visitor that I felt comfortable I wasn’t worrying about nothing. She told me since the ‘back to sleep campaign’ flathead syndrome has become more and more common. At this stage she didn’t deem it severe enough to go down the route of a helmet. She advised me that to improve the flattening on her head, repositioning would be the most effective treatment. At this point she was three months old and she believed it may still be possible to decrease the flattening.
I went home feeling really positive. We used cot blockers to raise her cot on one side. I changed the position of her cot in her bedroom to encourage her to look out into the room, alleviating pressure on the flat side. We used a wedge, which we placed just under her back to encourage her to lean on the opposite side. I started a strict regime during the day to ensure that she was off the back of her head for as long as possible. We used carriers, encouraged more tummy time and bought a bouncer. She was still a little young for a bouncer but had good head control and we used this with supervision.
Although this repositioning helped and by taking daily photos I could see over a month some improvement, I was still anxious to find out why she favoured that side to lie on all the time. After speaking to a friend, who had taken her little boy to see Michelle I decided to make the phone call.
Michelle was caring, patient and kind. We spoke on the phone at length discussing things like birth, digestion, general personality etc and arranged an appointment. She reassured me that repositioning would help the flattening of the head and that what we were doing would make a difference.
We attended two sessions with Michelle. The treatment was gentle and my little girl didn’t cry and hardly noticed what was going on. Michelle found tightness in her neck on both sides and her pelvis. Her neck seemed to be locked and this explained why she was favouring one particular side of her head to lean on.
After the second appointment I noticed a huge difference in the behaviour of my little girl. Tummy time came a lot easier to her and she was able to lift her head a lot further off the ground. She could turn her head from left to right when on her tummy which she couldn’t do before. Tummy time has become a much more enjoyable experience for her. When sleeping she now alternates between lying on the left and the right side and we no longer have to use the wedges or the blocks on her cot.
Another thing that has really helped has been the advice from Michelle about changing her mattress. We purchased a sleep curve mattress. This alleviates the pressure on the back of her head during sleep. We also use the mattress under her baby gym during the day.
I can’t thank Michelle enough for what she has done for our little girl. Emma 2020





Michelle Davies, Osteopath and Magician!

She's a lady who has magic hands which quietly

Work miracles - all in the name of osteopathy

Her movement's gentle - you may think it slight -

Although she's sometimes strong, her touch is gentle, light...

Once or twice I've thought 'there should be more

To fixing all these parts of me that feel so sore!'

And sometimes after treatment I can feel a pleasurable ache

That tells me that my body's healing ~ make no mistake ~

It can be a sign the body's getting well

And mine is all restored! I'd recommend you unreservedly, Michelle!

And the benefits you gain are not confined

To one excrutiating aching place

Michelle treats the whole of you - body, spirit, mind -

Knowing that they occupy the self-same space.

She's the lady with the magic hands who quietly

Works miracles that some call osteopathy...

© Liz Darcy Jones

4th August 2014


At your service in health, happiness and prosperity
Michelle Davies BSc (Hons) Ost
Consultant Osteopath