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Testimonial Poem

Michelle Davies, Osteopath and Magician!

She's a lady who has magic hands which quietly
Work miracles - all in the name of osteopathy
Her movement's gentle - you may think it slight -
Although she's sometimes strong, her touch is gentle, light...

Once or twice I've thought 'there should be more
To fixing all these parts of me that feel so sore!'
And sometimes after treatment I can feel a pleasurable ache
That tells me that my body's healing ~ make no mistake ~
It can be a sign the body's getting well
And mine is all restored! I'd recommend you unreservedly, Michelle!

And the benefits you gain are not confined
To one excrutiating aching place
Michelle treats the whole of you - body, spirit, mind -
Knowing that they occupy the self-same space.
She's the lady with the magic hands who quietly
Works miracles that some call osteopathy...

© Liz Darcy Jones
4th August 2014

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