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"Having attended my local GP with a knee pain issue and being diagnosed with patellar tendonitis I started the treatment (Ibuprofen) advised. After a couple of weeks with no progress I took my wife's advice and attended Michelle's clinic. She quickly identified that my hips were the issue and corrected the misalignment in one appointment. The pain is now gone and I'm well on the road to full recovery. Many thanks Michelle."

Marc from Worcester. September 2016



"I just wanted to say thank you for squeezing us in on Tuesday. The treatment has worked amazingly and Tom is back to his lovely self, rather than stressed and angry self! Thanks so much and we'll see you again soon."

Sarah from Worcester



"After nearly 25 years of head, neck and back pain I was given Michelle's name.  Prior to this my G.P. prescribed strong painkillers and sessions with a Physio, neither of which helped.  After only a couple of sessions with Michelle I finally knew what it was to wake without pain!  I now only need to visit her every 5 months or so. She is remarkable, a true professional with very healing hands!"

Jayne from Bromsgrove. July 2016



"I came to Michelle 9 months ago with a lot of pain in my neck and head.  I had one appointment at Hospital via my G.P. and was sent home with some exercises to complete.  Over time the problem and pain increased.  Seeing Michelle completely changed everything.  I now only need to see her occasionally and it is lovely to know that if the pain is severe again I just have to call her."

Christina from Bromsgrove. July 2016



"Hello Michelle just to let you know my ITB and I are fantastic!  I went for a short run last Monday as we discussed and felt good - much better than I was expecting. The inflammation went down surprisingly quickly after treatment. Yesterday I ran 5km, and again no issues at all.  In fact I feel much more balanced when I run now. I do repeat the mantra (ease and comfort) which reminds me to focus on stride, rhythm and running upright, but I am not "heaving" myself around quite as much, despite the fact that I am not quite back to the aerobic capacity I had at Christmas. Even stretching my ITB is more comfortable. I have been working on my gluts etc, doing the exercises everyday and can tell there is a difference there as well. So fabulous outcome Michelle, thank you."

Mrs Webber February 2015



"Hi Michelle the treatment has worked amazingly and Tom is back to his lovely self, rather than stressed and angry self! Thanks so much and we'll see you again soon."

S. Evans – Worcester



"After suffering intense neck pain for several months and mild shoulder pain for years I finally decided to seek help. As Michelle came highly recommended I made an appointment. Well... What can I say? I was not disappointed. Michelle is professional, knowledgeable and excellent at what she does. On my initial consultation Michelle made me feel comfortable, explained in detail what what was wrong with my neck and why it was causing me discomfort. After the initial consultation, I could already feel a huge improvement. Now, after only 3 appointments I am pain free and smiling again. For anyone looking for a very good osteopath, I highly recommend this lovely lady".
Lisa M. 2015



Over the last 2 years I have suffered with constant discomfort and stiffness leading to prolonged periods of pain. Over this time I have tried everything imaginable to try and resolve the problem but nothing helped. I had pretty much given up, I resigned myself to thinking that this was it now and I'm going to have to put up with this for good but a friend recommended Michelle to me and I haven't looked back since. After a couple of sessions I started to feel a huge difference, after I had reached 4 sessions I can honestly say the pain had all but gone. A couple of sessions later I experienced something that I hadn't done for so long......NO PAIN! The pain and stiffness has gone completely, my neck and shoulders now feel like they belong to me again! My wife is now visiting Michelle after experiencing problems with her upper back after 2 pregnancies and she too is experiencing huge improvements after no success with physiotherapy.

Thanks Michelle! Chris Bedford



Dear Michelle, may I just put on record how much I have benefited from your excellent hands on treatment for my neck & shoulder problem from a historic injury (at least 30yrs ago). My six weekly visits to you relieve the otherwise continuous ache factor considerably with your massage & manipulation expertise & I do considerably gain from every visit.

Yours Truly, Don Gill.



Hi Michelle I do not really know what caused me to suffer with hip pain, but it started about two years ago with radiating pain down my legs, which I initially thought was sciatica. My doctor referred me for physiotherapy which improved things for a while. However, after another flare up my doctor referred me to Mr Aslam and he referred me to you for osteopathy. My first treatment with Michelle was a revelation because I left the treatment room feeling better than I had for some time. I had several treatments close together and was also given strengthening exercises to do as well. I am now at the point where I only need quarterly maintenance treatments which is great. I believe that Michelle has magic hands! as so much can be achieved by "apparently doing so little"!! Thank you very much for a brilliant result from a lovely lady who works in a very caring and reassuring way – and thanks to Mr Aslam for his initial referral.

Nicky Saunders Worcester



" I originally brought my 2 month old son to see Michelle. I would recommend Michelle unreservedly." Rachael May 2014

I had been suffereing from back, buttock,thigh and knee pain....I was very pleased and surprised how quickly the treatment improved my condition. After only two sessions I could stop taking painkillers. I was given stretching exercises to do and my condition continued to improve. A friend had recommended Michelle to me and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other people. J.B. of Worcester May 2014

Thank you so much for helping my Mum with her knee operation yesterday. She is already walking around and seems a lot happier. Michelle Davies has really helped Mum as well with the Osteopath treatment and more importantly the positive attitude. I do believe that Mum had started to focus on pain so much that it was making everything much worse....
Michelle. February 2014


My problem was a swollen and painful ankle; Michelle Davies suggested she could help me. After studying my X-rays she saw the severity of the arthritis, despite this she was still confident that she could help me. Michelle diagnosed that I was suffering from two sources of pain, the general ache from the arthritis and the very much more acute pain from the surrounding tissue. It was the tissue and the muscle pain on which she worked. I have now had four treatments with each one improving the condition. Now that I no longer experience the acute pain the intention is to keep extending the time between treatments. Michelle strongly believes in the power of the mind to help the healing process and she encouraged me to adopt the same attitude. Michelle I am very grateful.

Jack. September 2013.


For the past eighteen months I had been suffering with a migraine variant disorder. This presented as continuous pain in my neck and shoulder, between two and ten migraine headaches per month and various other symptoms including numbness, tiredness and tremors. To be able to function as a wife, mum and midwife I was dependant on a cocktail of strong prescription medication. I began to consider a more holistic approach to my problems but I didn't know where to start. That's when I started talking to Michelle who spent time listening to my history and offered a possible alternative to my current symptoms. However before I even commenced treatment Michelle worked with me on positive thinking. The combination of the osteopathy and using positive affirmations everyday have been miraculous. After just three treatments I was able to stop taking my prescription medications and have had no migraine flare ups since I have started seeing Michelle. The results have changed my life and my mindset! I cannot thank Michelle enough

Cassie Taft. August 2013


The day that I first called at Michelle's practice I was in pain, tired and down. The heaviness in my shoulders made every day difficult. Taking medication is not for me and so I decided to try an alternative treatment and it was the best choice I ever made. When I met Michelle for my first visit she assured me that after a very short while I would feel an improvement and that she would have me feeling better than I had in years. I have to admit that I was sceptical that it could be that easy but I shouldn't have been! After only four treatments I am indeed feeling better than I have in a long time, I am back to my old self and pain free. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. Michelle is patient and supportive and explains all aspects of the treatment in detail. The supporting exercises are easy to complete and take just a few minutes a day. I am certainly glad that I rang Michelle that day and not the GP surgery.

Lorraine July 2013


I had paid out hundreds of pounds at a local chiropractor and actually felt worse. I was referred to Michelle by a lady I work with and was very sceptical about the treatment. The next day though I can honestly say I felt as though I was 'walking on air'. What a difference it made.I also like the fact I only need to see Michelle occasionally for 'maintenance@ rather than the regular and expensive visits to the chiropractor.

Carol Haigh .June 2013.


Michelle just a quick note to thank you for all your fine work with myself and my two young children. As I am your typical bloke I probably wouldn't have come to see you for my problem with my neck if I hadn't seen the results of your treatment first hand . As you know  I had quite bad neck pain which was leading to severe headaches which in turn was severely affecting my ability to relax and wind down. Sleeping has also been a big problem for me for as long as I can remember. However since I have been receiving treatment the problems I was experiencing are much improved. Movement in my neck is greater the headaches have gone and I now find it much easier to wind down , Michelle you are a miracle worker.

Mark Owen. Dec 2012


I had 3 treatments with Michelle over 3 weeks, and when I first saw her, my neck was completely locked. After her Manipulations, this was greatly eased. My initial visit was to help with persistent headaches, which I now realise was caused by stress at work. After the 2nd treatment, again on my neck and also stiffness in my back, there were rapid improvements, and the headaches finally began to subside. My 3rd treatment with Michelle included strengthening massage, which was a great help to me. She also explained to me about using positive thinking/emotional behaviour techniques, which again was a great help. During this time, I was off work, but I am now happily back to work and feeling much more positive, and my whole body feels strong. I am now going to the gym and playing football again.

Paul January 2013


We have recommended you and the treatment to everyone we know.  We will certainly be keeping you in mind Anyway a massive thank you again

Rebecca March 2012


I had suffered shoulder and back pain for many years and thought it was part of the process of getting older. After just two treatments I am free of constant shoulder pain and mobility in my shoulder has greatly increased.

Jean Davies. Malvern. December 2011


I came to see Michelle on 20th October 2011 with my 7 month old baby girl. I would highly recommend that you come to see Michelle.

Anon. October 2011


I have been suffering with a painful hip for four years which the Doctor told me was arthritis and I was to take painkillers. Upon recommendation I visited Michelle Davies and after only three visits I was pain free.  Maureen Atkins. Worcester September 2011.


I visited Michelle for coccyx pain which I had suffered with for three months. It was significantly better after just one treatment and almost completely gone after two. Michelle completely put me at ease and gave clear explanations and great advice.

Thanks Michelle. Shelley Young. Worcester September 2011


Having suffered for 7 years with severe migraines, I tried all sorts of medical and homeopathic treatments, then my physio recommended I see an Osteopath and after ONE session with Michelle..... months later .... I haven't suffered one migraine!!! I feel like a new person!!!

Jodie. Worceser 2011


We are so glad that we brought Joseph to see you and been so impressed with everything you have done and thoroughly recommend any parent to bring their child. 

B. O'Haodha. Worcester 2011


"I would like to express my sincere thanks for the treatment you have given me over the past few months...thank you again for your kindness and expertise - you really are a very special person"

Carol Jennings, Health Visitor


"I came to you one week ago with William, aged 5 months, I could not have imagined the difference one appointment could make.Thank you."  

Lisa Morrison July 2006


"Thank you for the cranial osteopathy you did on Adam

Tina, John and Adam


"I had recently given birth to my second child, a healthy baby boy. He was delivered by C-Section 9 days late. Thank you for your help.

Claire and Des Smith


"Having visited other practitioners, I find you the most professional in the way you conduct your treatment and business"  

Malcolm Walker

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