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"Thank you so much for helping me Michelle! Having spent years coping with regular bad headaches of which no painkillers relieved and to the point of feeling like doing nothing apart from sleeping them off, in just one visit you found and solved the issue!  Since then and a couple of checkups later I have had hardly any headaches and none as bad as they were before.  I really can't thank you enough (and nor can my husband!), and I wish you all the best in your future helping to heal people."

Jessica from Hereford - May 2018



"I brought my daughter Philippa in to see Michelle for treatment regarding digestive problems. Since having just 1 session her digestive issues stopped immediately. I don't know how it worked but it did and for that I'm very grateful, thank you Michelle!"

Natalie - January 2018





"Hi Michelle, just to report that Stanley fell asleep in the car after his appointment this morning and stayed asleep for an hour and a half! He has been singing and chatting to himself happily over lunch and is just being generally delightful. Thank you for transforming his behavior once again."

September 2017



"Dear Michelle Thank you so much for my treatment in early December. I came to see you, with a lot of soreness in my neck and shoulders.
You quickly diagnosed that the cause was mainly due to a repetitive injury, after a very physically tough day in my workplace.
Your gentle manipulation, together with a deeper remedial massage on my upper back was exactly what I needed!
During the next few days, I felt so relaxed that now and again, I even fell asleep during the day, as well as having a quality night time sleep.
This allowed my body to heal itself naturally, your treatment was wonderful (as always)."
Thank You Michelle! Paul from Kidderminster 2017



"Michelle is wonder woman in disguise!
Calling herself an 'Osteopath' just doesn't do her justice. Recommended by a friend who said they would 'drive through the night to see Michelle if they had to' I wondered what was so special.
She heals people from the inside out with just her touch, putting all the pieces of the 'puzzle' back together again. I wouldn't trust anyone else in treating my precious baby boy, I know he is in the safest, healing hands and he always leaves with a smile so I know he is happier for it.

I can't tell enough people how fantastic she is, everyone needs an 'Osteopath' like Michelle in their lives.

...all Michelle needs now is a cape and she would be unstoppable!"

Bethan - May 2017



"I had to wake Alfie at 4.30pm yesterday after more than two hours of sleeping. He then slept through and had to be woken this morning. Clearly a much more comfortable boy! :)

Thank you for working your magic. Look forward to seeing you with two small people in a few weeks.

Thanks again,"



"You have helped me in many different ways, the treatment I have received and the way you help me to think differently in some situations. When I do start to struggle in some situations I just think to myself there's a way in and there is also a way out.
Since I have been coming to you I have been places that I never thought I'd ever get to again, just little things in life seemed like a massive task but now I can go swimming, I can eat in a restaurant, I can go to the gym, I have even started playing football again."

James Worcester - 2017




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